Children's Books

Literature is another art form that Kinley Studio is producing. Children's literature interweaves visual and literary art in such a uniquely magical way, everyone can enjoy it, not only children.

Titles authored by Jenny Kinley

The Underground of Westerville (Middle Grade fiction 30,000 words)

Kara is determined to find a new best friend and a way to win the soccer championship. When Jo moves into the town's haunted Underground Railroad house, she will either help or hurt Kara's chances of doing both, while together they uncover the secrets of Singing Sammy.


My Guardian Dear (Middle Grade fiction 60,000 words)

Kyle needs to decide if he will follow in his dad's footsteps or not, which could mean giving up things important to him for people he thinks don't even deserve it. The neighbor kid down the street and Kyle's own Guardian Angel, who he sees since his Dad was killed, could help him figure it out. 


Picture Books:

Grace in the Garden

Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator was a Great Wrestler

The Ball Book

Look, Grandma