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Shaun's textural acrylic paintings capture action and energy. The intensity in his work illuminates the subjects with brilliant color, stroke, and substance. The expressive images are realistic, yet far from literal. Each painting’s subject possesses intrinsic characteristics that inspire the artist to paint it, such as unfeigned devotion to genuine competition or excellence in the field.

Shaun Kinley, The Artist

Shaun Kinley Shaun has professionally produced art for twenty years. His work has included a piece presented to a U.S. President in the Oval Office, professional athletes, businesses, and private clients. He instructs visual arts and coaches wrestling at nationally ranked St. Edward High School.

Shaun holds a BS degree from The Ohio State University, where he was a varsity wrestler. He earned his Masters Degree from Notre Dame College.

Jennifer Kinley, Artist & Writer

Jennifer KinleyShaun's wife, Jennifer, manages Studio and Gallery operations, and assists creatively with projects and production. She has 15 years business management experience and holds a BA degree from Baldwin-Wallace. She also paints and writes

Selected Pieces of Work:

“Peace by Peace” Presented to President William Clinton at the White House depicting the Oslo Peace Treaty. Commissioned by Jewish-Arab American Council and currently housed in the Clinton Library.

“In His Hands” Presented to The Todd A. Bell Center for the African American Male at The Ohio State University, and "Rise Up" Commissioned by Bob and Beth Buehler and currently displayed in the Hale Center at The Ohio State University.

Crossing the Line Official Marathon Series: Acrylic paintings commissioned for marathons across U.S.: Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Marine Corp/Washington D.C., Disney/Orlando.

“Carrying for the Cause” Commissioned by National City Bank for breast cancer awareness campaign and event at Cleveland Museum of Art.

“The Huddle” Commissioned by Cleveland Clinic for Browns training camp promotion; currently displayed in Browns headquarters.

Other notable images include: “Special Teams” currently displayed in Browns coaching offices,“Michigan Sweep” commissioned for and owned by Troy Smith, Jim Thome, Grady Sizemore, Eddie George, Woody Hayes with Rex Kern, Chris Spielman, Chester Taylor, Maria Sharipova, Sugar Ray Robinson, Bruce Baumgartner, The Kentucky Derby’s Silver Charm and Captain Bodgit, and Indy Racing’s Robby Buhl.