Location, Events, & Weddings

Collaborative Painting at the Gallery or Events, Weddings

Creating a work of art with the energy of many people. 

We have a painting drawn out so anybody at any age can paint on the canvas. It doesn't matter if you are not a good painter. Just do your thing. Once you are done painting you can dry the brush, and sign the back of the painting with the Sharpie markers we have.

KINLEY STUDIO: 78th Street Studios, Suite 110

Join us every Third Friday and by appointment to view original paintings, retouched canvases and paper prints to purchase or order. We furnish both residential and  commercial spaces. We also can work with Designers and Resellers. Appointments: text/call (216) 233-1778 or email kinleystudio@gmail.com.

 Art and Print Services

Whether you have one wall, a floor of offices, or an entire building that needs a refresh of art, we are happy to consult. Complimentary consult visit and quote provided. We can repurpose existing art, create new original art to specs, procure art from other sources, and transform your space within your budget.

Artists, Photographers, & Designers: We can help you produce and reproduce your art. We offer printing for your images on canvas and vinyl.

 We offer a complimentary home/office consultation.

To schedule, contact us: (216) 233-1778 or kinleystudio@gmail.com