How To Inspire Your Work Space

One reason we love art: it inspires us!

Adding the right piece of art to your space might be just the thing

that inspires your next great piece of work.

1. Consider the Room:

- What is the purpose of the room, what takes place in the space

- Who will use the space

- What is your type of work/business

2. Consider the Wall Space:

- Measure the wall area. You may want one large piece or three smaller pieces per section.

- Curved walls, tight space, or heavy thru traffic? Vinyl murals may be a good option. 

3. Consider the other decor in the room and greater space:

- Art and framing doesn't need to "match;" however, it should relate to its environment. Pieces can relate by either style or color, or blend eclectically if there is a mix. 

- Not all art pieces require framing, including "gallery wrapped" canvases which have covered sides/edges.

- Maybe it's time to switch out or rotate one or two other furnishings or decor items. 

4. If you are part of a work group:

- See if there is an art piece you all can appreciate. Art in communion!

- Consider commissioning an original work of art that each one can be a part of, either in the  selection or design. 

- Shaun has included others in collaborative art pieces, by asking them to paint some touches and sign the back of the canvas. These pieces are both personal and communal at the same time.

 NOW the EXCITING part: Find what INSPIRES you and get going!



 A) Showing your piece of inspiring art (doesn't need to be Shaun's)


B) We will suggest which Kinley Studio piece we recommend for your space

We will draw one response to receive a paper print of your choosing from Kinley Studio in a live broadcast.

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  • We agree, so will keep on painting them! We have the one of Little Italy and we do have some more photo references from our trips there. There is also the Art Museum and Severence Hall. The difficulty is…so much beautiful inspiration and limited amount of time. Thanks for your comment!

    Jenny Kinley
  • I do love all the pices that are in the collections. I personally would like to see a few more from the East side of Cleveland, specifically Little Italy. Sorry one is just not enough.
    Anthony Gazzuolo

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