Summer Living and Dining

By: Grace Wilhelmy

A beautiful view overlooking the Cleveland skyline with even better food. The new restaurant, Summer House, has really outdone themselves. From the open concept, which opens towards Lake Erie to the modern decor, attentive staff and beautiful art work through out the restaurant by Shaun and Jen Kinley there was no detail overlooked. 

From the moment you sit down you feel at ease. The employees are not only friendly but they are extremely observant and mindful throughout the whole course of your meal. 

Each meal on the menu is carefully thought of and well decorated. The portions of the meals are designed for family style and each bite will leave you wanting more. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. George (the owner) and he said his favorite on the menu is Mikey’s Favorite. The aesthetic of the restaurant is summer which they have perfectly captured.  

From the beautifully crafted wood tables to the textured tan upholstered booths to the azure velvet chairs you feel like you are eating at the beach of luxury.

With a wide variety of art including Kinley Studio’s coastal scenes to the underwater snorkeling paintings; art is a vibrant characteristic of the restaurant. The beautifully colored coastal paintings by Kinley Studios complement the restaurant's atmosphere. 

The paintings extravagant colors match the same colors the sky makes at sunset (which you can see while eating dinner).   

While speaking with Mr. George I was able to ask what he believes art offers to a space which then he stated “Art adds life to any area”. A true admirer of art.

Summer House has a charitable partnership with Awakening Angels. Awakening Angels is a non-profit group that is currently “funding biomedical research, educational initiatives, and social programs aimed at improving the quality of life for children and adults who are affected by Down syndrome and Autism.” More information about the organization can be found at or 

 Between the scenic skyline views and the art any spectator will have a hard time determining which sights are the priceless ones. 

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